Excursion from Marrakech to Essaouira City


Beautiful sunny day view of Essaouira coastline

At 08:30 am we will departure from your hotel and take the road West towards Essaouira through the city of Chichaoua and Ounagha (optional visit to the wine factory).

As we approach the town of Ounagha, we will be greeted by the sight of trees filled with strange dark shapes. The dark shapes we'll soon realize, are goats-they perch implausibly on the highest and most delicate-looking branches to get at the fruit of the argan trees.

This oddity represents the first stage in a process that powers the economy of the region. After they pass through the goats, the fruits are reduced to a hard, indigestible core. This hard nut is taken cracked, crushed and roasted to extract argan oil, which can be used for everything from cooking to beauty treatments.

Goats perched in argan trees branches in Ounagha

There are numerous cooperatives along the way, where dozens of women work to produce oils that are sold throughout Morocco and beyond. We will stop to visit one of those cooperatives.

Getting to Essaouira, you will have a guided city tour.

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